Mega Dader daddy came along

The first film in Telugu and the first film in Tamil was given to Jalak and the nexus that came to the web series that is full of focus. Daddy, who has worked with Naga Babu, has loaded up the first season episodes on the Jee Five website as the official web series. This is a story of a daughter who is trying to connect her with a former lover in the scene to take her love to win her love. The good feel is good as good entertainer. Naga Babu’s name is Anwar Raj Kaga starrer, starring in the movie. Season 1 is also available for Season 2, which will be available in eight episodes.


Web sites are well received online, with some of the GW data available at lower prices. Naga Ashwin Varun Sandesh Navdeep has been busy with this turn and Madhavan Breathe released in the Amazon Prime has received a huge response to the multi language available. Hence the content of the content-based video content web sites like Zee Five – Amazon Prime – UTV, which is in the eye of the demand, increases the structure. Daddy had a chance to join the Future on Zee TV channel.

The story line is just a bit later, when Srikanth is married to my dad, but this is a new test. In that case, the son replaced the character in which he was converted. Give free access to any free charge free of charge. Special attraction in which Anna Varun Tej Voice Over