Rishi Khanna in NTR-Charan Multi Starr


Hierroin Khāni Khanna is able to get the result of its difficulty. When Varun Tej’s first movie trailer was released, the five-year seniority of Hironain heard the comments. But the rakhi Khanna with his performance in performing the rhythm of the performances of the glamorous roles showed that he would do anything but in words. The touch of the previous touch is a little twist, but it is the first time that the failure did not care. According to credible information, Rakhi Khanna had a bumper offer that was tacked.

Mega Power Star Ram Charan Tej-Young Tiger Jr. NTR is in the multi-starrer of Rajamouli’s multi-starrer as the heroine of the Rani Khanna in the direction of the side. The debate is that Charan will be the same as the opposite. You can not be dismissed as if you have a chance to know whether you really think it or not. Rajamouli is a busy buddy in the Prestigious project, which is likely to start shooting for Diwali or Dussehra. Tack it in the last minute to see why all of them are being brought to the hell.

If this happens, the Rani Khanna lak is another step.Rajamouli cinematics designs the hilarion for good recognition. That’s definitely the most crazy project and the movie is definitely a plus. The last year is a jai lakshaka with Tarak, so now it is special to Charan. Although it is not officially announced, Phans is still working on the imagination of Rasi Jodi, next to Charan. Hunting for the opposite of Tarak continues.