Talk of the Town: Arya Swarovar


Competition between TV channels is not the same as having a similar program in the backdrop. If you think differently than the other, you will have success in anything.That is why the Writers are more sharpening their creativity in order to plan shows with new concepts. As a part of this, a Tamil Channel hero Arya will be screening a new game show. What is the surprise of it? There is a lot. It’s not Ashashashi’s game show. Ceremony. We have read in the stories of someone who normally sets a self-made for the groom to groom her in the neck of the winner. But it’s reverse. Here is the groom. Brides participate in the competition.

Inviting applications for the show, which was set up in the name of Mappillai, more than 70,000 unmarried girls applied to participate in it. The organizers of the show who were supposed to start the show with just 18 people were so overwhelmed by the response. They are headed for a larger team to filter out. Channel management is dazzling that Arya’s craze has made a big response to the idea that he could win if he won the show.

Earlier Bollywood Hire Rakhi Sawant also played a similar role in a Swayamvaram show for a Hindi channel but did not marry the winner. Although it was initially controversial, it was later revived. It is interesting that Arya is now doing the same thing as a TV show or it is interesting to know that the girl who won the winner is really getting married. Alla Arjun has previously acted as a villain in the movie. Straight is the only movie he has ever played.